Three Kinds of People Who Don’t Need Coaching

“I don’t need to be coached.” I hear that said in a variety of settings. And, honestly, I agree. There are some people who don’t need coaching. They tend to fall into one of the following categories:

The Arrogant Know-It-All

These people are easy to spot because they present themselves as experts in every field. You’ve seen them, too. They remind me of going fishing with my dad. In his younger days, he loved to fish and he would always take some or all of the kids with him. He would patiently cast and reel, cast and reel. He slowly moved along the banks of the lake looking for that spot where the fish were biting. I typically spent most of my time with my line tangled in something. Whenever my dad would catch a fish, the kids would race to stand beside him and fish in the same spot.

The arrogant know-it-all is a lot like that. This person doesn’t really have a specialty; he or she just migrates to where other people are finding success and tries to fish the same spot. So a marketing “specialist” becomes a evangelist for a new technology and then a financial expert before offering up an online cooking show. Absurd, right? But that happens more than you realize. Because these people are self-proclaimed experts at everything, they don’t see the need for coaching (but they could use some help finding their niche).

The Complacent Porch-Sitter

This is another large group of people. They are waiting for something to happen to them, but they aren’t willing to invest in themselves. They spend years going to jobs they hate. They even complain about the way things are. They use phrases like “one day” and “if I were in charge” to indicate their desire for something different. Yet, they never take action.

The complacent porch-sitter’s long-range plan is to survive until retirement or death—whichever comes first. They show signs of depression, live in the past, and are critical of anyone who gets off the porch and does something amazing. They are complacent and want everyone around them to be complacent, too. These people don’t need coaching and, honestly, I wouldn’t take them on as a client if they wanted me to!

The Eeyore Personality

Eeyore is a friend of Winnie the Pooh. According to Wikipedia, Eeyore is characterized as pessimistic, gloomy, and depressed. Not only is he the ultimate downer, he lacks the ability to experience pleasure. In other words, he’s so negative, he doesn’t know how to be positive. Are people like that in your life, too? They are lots of fun at social events, right?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who have Eeyore’s personality. They probably watch too much network news and listen to too much talk radio. Everything begins in some bizarre conspiracy theory. They don’t see anything positive and have been negative so long that they lack the ability to see things from any other perspective. Coaching these people would be an impossible task, so they are better off left with their remote controls nearby!

What About the Rest of Us?

If you aren’t a know-it-all, complacent, or Eeyore-like, you are an excellent candidate for coaching. Though it might be a new concept, it is certainly something to consider. Take a look at the following infographic I created:

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I don’t think you fall into one of the categories described in this email… those people tend to unsubscribe pretty quickly!