The One Thing Keeping You Stuck in a Rut

STUCK! When I talk with people of all ages, but specifically those over 45-years-old, I hear that word used to summarize how they feel. Though their circumstances are unique, their outcomes are the same. Our culture seems to enable a predictable pattern—a slow rise from age twenty to forty followed by a plateau from forty to forty-five and then a gradual decline from forty-five to death. Many people will live until they are 85-years-old or older. That means they will live forty or more years without a clear focus. No wonder older people sometimes seem angry!

No One Wants to be Stuck

When I ask people if they want to remain stuck, no one says yes. Everyone wants something more, but they don’t know how to make the changes necessary. They cycle through several variables looking for the solution, but nothing works. Eventually, they give up and accept their situation as the best they can do. Frustration lingers and people suffer.

Are You Overlooking This?

Of all the things that affect the quality of life, one thing is the most influential and overlooked. It is a familiar word that we take for granted. The one thing that keeps people stuck isn’t their motivation, education, opportunities, or social media followers. The one thing that keeps people stuck—and might be keeping you stuck—is environment. No, not the weather; it’s the surroundings in which you live.

Your environment includes your closest acquaintances, personal mindset, daily activities, thinking habits, and collective expectations. Your environment becomes the garden in which you put down roots. Without the proper nutrients, you can’t survive, much less thrive. You can reverse the trajectory of your life if you aren’t willing to change your environment.

One Way to Change Your Environment

Think of the world in which you live as a box. It contains all of your hopes, dreams, and possibilities. It also contains your limitations. The environment in which you exist comes with its own limits. Unless you expand your environment, you’ll never get beyond the boundaries. You’ll soar only so high. You’ll achieve only so much. You’ll be successful as compared to everyone else in that environment.

There are other environments out there. They are occupied by people who seem to think differently, work more efficiently, succeed at a higher level. Their environment is separated from your environment and there seems to be no connection. So how do people move from one environment to the other?

You Need a Bridge

A bridge is firmly rooted in both environments and has the ability to provide passage from where you are to where you want to be. The most logical “bridge” is a coach or consultant who has stood where you are and now stands on the other side. He or she can guide you as you make the transition from your current environment to the environment that will enable you to soar higher, achieve more, and succeed at a higher level. Without a guide, you’ll never escape the limits of your current environment.

Coaching Isn’t Free

People who don’t have skin in the game seldom stick with anything until the end. Colleges and universities discovered that truth when they made some of their online courses free. Registrations were impressive but the completion rate was less than 5%. Why? People don’t value things in which they aren’t invested. Some people pay tens of thousands of dollars to be in mastermind groups with other high achievers. They experience a high level of motivation and accountability. Most of them get ten times the cost within the first twelve months. Why? They change their environment.

When you evaluate coaches, you need to consider the cost vs. return equation. When you shop for a bargain, you set the bar for your success too low.

There’s no such thing as a bargain coach. Great coaches are worth ten times what you pay. Great coaches will help you explode your potential and achieve levels of success you thought you’d never see. Don’t look for a bargain; look for results.

I have a few openings for clients this month, but I can’t promise I’ll have them long. Go to this link to schedule a free video call in which we can talk about your future and how I can help you cross the bridge from your current environment to the one that will enable you to thrive.