Nine Out of Ten People Never Do This

Most people don’t live out their dreams. They wish and wait. They make excuses. They hope for the best. As time goes by and their dreams are unfulfilled, some become frustrated and bitter. Others give up. | John Maxwell

According to Inc. Magazine, 92% of us never achieve our goals or accomplish our dreams. We do what John Maxwell said in the quotation above. We wish, wait, and make excuses. “If” becomes the most frequently used word in our vocabulary. It gives us permission to keep hoping for the best while doing the same thing every day. It allows us to squander opportunities and avoid challenges. It lulls us into a state of mind that prefers television over books; retirement over renewal.

Sure, lots of people say they are pursuing a dream, but is it their dream or are they pursuing a dream belonging to or assigned by someone else? What’s the difference? In his book, Put Your Dream to the Test, John Maxwell offers some clues to help us decide if the dream we are pursuing belongs to us. Here is a synopsis of his thoughts:

Your Dream Belongs to Someone Else If…

  • It doesn’t fit who you are.
  • It feels heavy and burdensome.
  • Pursuing it depletes your energy.
  • You look for ways to avoid doing it.
  • Others have to force you to do it.

Your Dream Belongs to You If…

  • Pursuing it fits who you are.
  • It causes you to feel energized and fired up.
  • Thinking about it keeps you up at night.
  • It forces you out of your comfort zone.
  • It is fulfilling.
  • You feel you were created to do it.

Can You Bring Your Dream to Life?

You tell me. Have you? Or are you still wishing and waiting for your dream to spontaneously combust. If you can bring it to life on your own, why haven’t you? This is where most people are. Ninety-two percent of the people you know live in this state of frustration. But, what happens to the other eight percent? They are the ones living lives most people don’t think exist. They love what they do, inspire people to greatness, and achieve their goals. They are viewed as the exception to the rule. They are interviewed and written about in magazines and blog posts. And every one of them will tell you it all started with a dream.

A dream is just a wild idea unless it is accompanied by action. I’ve talked with lots of people who have dreams, but no action. They are go-talkers, not go-getters. They don’t have a strategic plan so they do nothing but talk. Their great ideas are boxed up and stored on a shelf labeled “Someday.”

Come On a Journey With Me

My wife will tell you that I am a dreamer. I have big ideas and great aspirations. For a long time, I did what most people do—I talked about my dreams while doing nothing. That all changed, however, when I began listening to the wise advice of a few people in that 8% group. They became my unofficial mastermind. My life was dramatically changed. I stopped talking about my dreams and developed a strategy for bringing them to life. I began doing work for some of today’s most recognizable entrepreneurs—Dan Miller, Michael Hyatt, Ray Edwards, and others. I began connecting with other “eight-percenters.” Opportunities came from more places than I thought possible. My part-time side job became my full-time entrepreneurial adventure. I became an “eight-percenter.”

Do You Want to Become an Eight-Percenter?

Why not check out my coaching packages? I work with people from all sorts of backgrounds to help them move from the 92% group to the 8% group. In a year or less, clients can earn five to ten times the cost of the coaching package they select. Though I can’t work with everyone, I can work with a few more people if we get started soon.

If you could do this by yourself, you would have done it by now.

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