You Don’t Need to Find Your Ideal Client

I can’t remember when I heard it first, but almost every content creating, marketing, motivational, coaching, or educational experience begins with the same step—identify your ideal client or customer. I bought into that idea because I didn’t have any other options. However, I’ve discovered something interesting. Finding your ideal client isn’t the most important thing you need to do.

I didn’t say the step isn’t necessary; it just doesn’t need to be first. I know that goes against everything you’ve heard from some people far more popular than me. They tell you to identify your avatar, ideal customer, seeker—or a number of other descriptive terms. They tell you to understand the demographics of that person. You need to know their annual income, hair color, and the kind of car they drive. Once you understand everything about that “ideal” person, you can move forward in the content creating or marketing process.

Your Ideal Client Shouldn’t Determine What You Do

When you use the “ideal client first” approach, you basically are saying that the ideal client—someone imaginary or someone you don’t really know—gets to make decisions about your message and your business. This out-there-somewhere person determines your focus, vocabulary, delivery mechanisms, and so forth. If you aren’t careful, someone you don’t know will have more power over your business and message than you do.

So What Comes First?

It’s not the pain your client feels because we’re not going to focus on the client right out of the gate. It’s not the delivery mechanism, social media platform, number of followers, or any of the other things that go into developing your message and your content.

Having written a ton of books and educational products for a number of high profile entrepreneurs, I can tell you that we never sat down and talked about the ideal client. We never considered the demographics, social media habits, or annual income of the people who would read or use the products. It apparently didn’t affect their value. Many products went on to produce huge income streams for the authors.

I’d Like to Show You What Comes First

As I type this post, I’m approaching 400 words. I don’t really have the space to explain what I’m talking about. That’s why I’m hosting a free live training on Thursday, June 14 at 7PM (CDT). In this training, I’ll explain exactly what I’ve discovered and show you how you can leverage it to turn your message into money. A free replay will be available only to those who register.

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