What Would Einstein Say to You?

I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to have a conversation with Albert Einstein. Einstein didn’t view himself as a genius; he did, however, acknowledge his inquisitive persistence. Einstein stuck with problems long after other people gave up. He found solutions because he viewed failure as progress and the skepticism of others as encouragement. He asked a lot of questions even when doing so agitated his superiors. He gathered a lot of information, but he didn’t stop there. He said…

Information is not knowledge.

I never met Albert Einstein, but I believe a brief conversation with him would have been life-changing. I think he would have sized me up quickly and offered me this advice. I hope you find it beneficial. These actually are paraphrases of quotations from Einstein.

Learn the rules of the game and then play better than anyone else.

Understand your gifts and abilities, your talents and passions, and your life goals and then work hard. Great things don’t come to those who give up. You will be knocked down. People will reject you. Things will happen that you can’t explain. Those are common life themes. The resilient will win; the bitter will flounder. Choose your attitude. I see far too many people who waste their brilliance replicating what others have done. Sure, we can learn from others, but those who think definitely have an advantage. Packaged solutions work well…for the people selling the packages. The rest of us need to deploy our ingenuity.

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You cannot solve today’s problems with the same thinking that created the problems.

Learn to think. Your brain is a powerful instrument that has the capacity to solve all sorts of problems. It is a reservoir of creativity that is waiting to be released. You can’t let the limits of your past become the boundaries of your future. Ask questions even if doing so agitates others. People with rigid thinking patterns will reject any encouragement to think differently. Don’t be one of those people. “Why?” is a great question to ask.

Don’t worry about becoming a success; become a person of value.

If you focus on being successful, you’ll become very self-centered and manipulative. However, if you focus on adding value to the lives of those you have the privilege of influencing, success will come. I see that as a spiritual mandate. Don’t let the world define success for you; view it from the perspective of your Creator. He has a plan that, when realized, will lead to your greatest possible success. He will meet your needs in amazing ways. He will bless you far beyond what you deserve. He will sustain you through the trying times. No matter what happens, always do the right thing.

There’s room for another Einstein!

There is the capacity to be the next Einstein inside each of us. We have more mental ability than we realize. Sure, it might be easier to buy pre-packaged solutions. It’s also easier to by pre-packaged food. We know what happens to us physiologically when we eat junk. We know there is a connection between gut health and brain health. But that doesn’t change the way most people eat. They consume junk knowing they will have to live with the consequences later. Pre-packaged solutions work the same. There are consequences associated with borrowing someone else’s thinking. That doesn’t stop people from buying. But it does leave lots of room for those who are truly innovative.

Einstein Lessons