Educational Consulting

  • Experience

    Dr. Terry Hadaway has the experience you need in an educational consultant. He has taught at colleges and universities, been the director of instructional technology at a medical college, is a certified coach, certified instructional designer, and earned his PhD in Adult Education. He has produced educational products for entrepreneurs and businesses with audiences measuring in the hundreds of thousands.

  • Reputation

    Here are a few people who have turned to Dr. Terry Hadaway for help with their educational products.

  • Creativity

    Whether it is creative uses of routine technology or creation of complex solutions with Adobe Captivate, Dr. Terry Hadaway can take your educational processes to a new level. The experience gained working with some of today’s most creative and successful entrepreneurs has equipped Terry to offer creative solutions to new clients.

    Below you’ll see an example of a creative solution designed to help entrepreneurs identify their ideal customers. Take a moment to answer a couple of questions and you’ll get your personalized results.

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