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Dr. Terry Hadaway is the founder and CEO of My Thinking Box, LLC - a company dedicated to helping today's adults maximize their potential through effective coaching experiences, engaging educational products, and inspiring presentations.

With a PhD in Adult Education, Dr. Hadaway is one of today's leading experts on thinking and learning. As a Certified Brain Health Coach, he is uniquely positioned to guide people toward discovering and embracing their full potential regardless of their ages or previous situations.

Dr. Hadaway has experienced incredible life-change by incorporating his own advice into his life. He said, "I was stuck. I was working out and thought I was eating healthy. Yet I was still overweight. I felt lethargic and old. Something had to change."

Dr. Hadaway and his wife took the advice of a friend who is an integrative medical professional. They changed how they thought about food and, therefore, changed how they ate. They stuck to the plan and started feeling better. They lost more than twenty pounds each in just a couple of months. Dr. Hadaway was able to stop taking medicine for acid reflux because the condition went away. His wife's eczema went away. They had more energy, slept better, thought clearer, and experienced a quality of life many people their age think is impossible.

Dr. Hadaway is now on a mission to help other people change their thinking about life… and it all begins with developing a healthy brain.

Dr. Hadaway is no stranger to big thinkers. He has worked with Michael Hyatt, Dan Miller, Ray Edwards, Ken Blanchard, John Maxwell, Building Champions, Chick-fil-A, medical professionals, colleges, and more. His down-to-earth approach can help anyone who wants to change accomplish things they never dreamed were possible.


  • I dedicate my life to helping people find their unique talents and then apply those to meaningful daily work. Terry is a stellar example of someone who has found that perfect blend. His ability to take my written concepts and expand those into easily understood work processes is nothing short of amazing. His skill in bringing our 48 Days principles to life is adding millions of dollars to our company revenues. – Dan Miller, Best-selling author of 48 Days to the Work You Love and the host of one of the most popular career podcasts on iTunes.
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