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The Million Dollar Mindset Workshop

Ninety-five percent of the population will always struggle to live up to their potential. They’ll struggle physically, relationally, financially, emotionally, spiritually, and so forth. They’ll arrive at the conclusion that life will never be any better. They’ll resign themselves to doing what they have to do and never getting to do what they were designed to do. It doesn’t have to be that way!

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The Course Course

In The Course Course, I'll walk you through the entire course creating process, from clarifying your niche to managing your students. You'll discover some very simple tools—many you already use—that can help you create awesome courses. The assignments will guide your thinking and help you create a new skill set you can use over and over.

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That's a pretty good description of where many people are today.

They can't lose weight, find better jobs, turn their ideas into money, get through a day without stress-induced headaches, figure out what's going on with their kids, or get well.

Though those situations seem disconnected, they have a common thread. Each of them involves cognitive functions that require clear thinking.

However, clear thinking isn't easy. Cognitive decline is on the rise. Dementia and Alzheimer's disease are robbing more and more people of their quality of life. And all of us are at risk!

Or are we?

Research shows that healthy brains are more resistant to stress, disease, and dementia. When we make healthy brains a priority, our businesses and families see the change. When people begin thinking differently, they make better decisions. So, all of those "can't" situations above become "can" statements.

You can lose weight, find a better job, turn your ideas into money, get through a day without stress-induced headaches, figure out what's going on with your kids, or get well.

But you can't do it alone!

Dr. Terry Hadaway has been teaching adults how to think and learn for more than twenty years. As a Certified Brain Health Coach, he can help you optimize the health of your brain so you can create the life you desire.

Whether it's through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, business consulting, or public speaking, Dr. Hadaway will inspire you to change your brain so you can change your life!

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