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Do you need a course, coach, or chief learning officer for your business? You might have an immediate answer; however, you might not know which one to choose. I work with clients in all three capacities. I have state of the art courses, countless hours of coaching experience, and a background in learning theory and online learning. If you need to improve your educational offerings and tap into the billions of dollars being spent in online learning each year, I can help.

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Certified Coach

Terry Hadaway is a certified instructional designer and certified coach. With a PhD in Adult Education and an extensive background in educational technology, Terry can walk you through processes that will equip you to create awesome, profitable courses. Terry has worked with some of today's most influential leaders and companies to create engaging, effective educational resources and courses.

Dan Miller

I dedicate my life to helping people find their unique talents and then apply those to meaningful daily work.  Terry is a stellar example of someone who has found that perfect blend.  His ability to take my written concepts and expand those into easily understood work processes is nothing short of amazing.  His skill in bringing our 48 Days principles to life in seminars and online training are adding millions of dollars to our company revenues.

Dan Miller, Author - 48 Days to the Work You Love

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