How many 8s do you see?

The trick to thinking differently is found in paying attention to what is visible as well as what’s missing. On the surface, most people see two 8s. However, there’s another one lurking in the background. Can you see it now?

Pay attention to the negative space and the third 8 will begin to appear. Once you see it, you’ll always see it. That’s the way creative thinking is. It takes you outside your thinking patterns and opens your eyes to new possibilities.

You don’t have to stick with old ways of thinking. With a little help, you can unlock your hidden genius. Whether it’s your church, organization, or business, some creative thinking might be the thing you need to break through to new possibilities. You can learn more about my consulting and coaching services by contacting me.

When it comes to real life, rather than rearranging what you see, why not cultivate what you don’t yet see? Think about it.

What are the challenges that are facing you, your church, organization, or business? Could some creative thinking help formulate a new plan?